Deadbreak Compression Lugs

Richards Deadbreak Lugs provide a compression connection on the cable strands and a bolted connection through the pad. These lugs are designed for use with IEEE Std 386 bolted connections for Seperable Elbow Connector components.

This accessory can be used on any voltage class (15/25kV, 35kV). The lug material should be selected based on current carrying requirements and the cable/equipment specifications.

Lugs should be sized appropriately for the cable size and stranding. A sizing chart is available in our Medium Voltage catalog in Table 3 – X.

Aluminum Copper
Continuous Current 600A 900A
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Product Data Sheets

600A Deadbreak Aluminum Lug


Product Data Sheets

600A Deadbreak Bi-Metal Lug


Product Data Sheets

900A Deadbreak Copper Lug

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