Microprocessor Network Protector Relay (MNPR®)

The ETI MNPR® is a direct replacement for electromechanical and solid state relays in existing or new Westinghouse and GE Network Protectors. The MNPR® offers a single solution incorporating all features: sensitive, insensitive, time delay, instant, watt-var and inverse watt-var. Real time, three phase data acquisition and calculations, direct readings of network voltage, differential voltage, current, phase angle, and temperature are available. Waveform capture allows complex harmonic analysis and display. Portable programmer and PC software is available for remote and local operation and programming.

In addition, ETI offers two-way communication systems via power line modem, radio, fiber optics, and phone lines. GE and Westinghouse Style two-way communicating MNPR® are available.

Please take a look at our Secondary Network Communications Brochure which is located in the resources tab below.

The Communicating MNPR® features:

  • Up to 8 Analog inputs – typically used to monitor bus temp., pressure, and water level
  • 2 Digital inputs – typically used to monitor NP status (O/C)
  • 1 Digital ouput – typically used to control an external device, such as a sump pump
  • +/- 5Vdc – typically used to power sensors
  • Isolated RS485 serial communication port

Our communication system is:

  • Easy to install
  • Non-proprietary (DNP3 protocol)
  • Able to communicate to any SCADA
Resource Details

MNPR® FieldPro Manual

Instruction Sheets

FieldPro is a free computer program (available for download on ETI’s website) that allows for interfacing and advanced programming between a computer and the MNPR including relay settings and communications settings.