600A 35kV R-Stack Arrester

35kV 600A Deadbreak R-Stack Surge Arrester

Richards’ innovative 35kV R-Stack Surge Arrester is an ultra-efficient way to protect
underground cables/equipment from harmful over-voltages. Our Arrester is equipped
with gapless Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) technology, assembled within a fully-shielded,
submersible EPDM housing. By utilizing a Deadbreak R-Stack Elbow housing, several
critical advantages are afforded:

  • The R-Stack Arrester eliminates the need for Loadbreak surge arresters, 600A to 200A reducing tap plugs, connecting plugs, and bushing extenders. These components can be difficult to install and expensive. Additionally, having fewer required line items simplifies procurement and on-site material handling.
  • The R-Stack Arrester has a male Deadbreak interface molded into the Elbow itself. As a result of this integral design, the overall stack height of an R-Stack Arrester installed on a Deadbreak Elbow is significantly shorter than other configurations on the market.
  • Having fewer components/interfaces reduces the chance of improper installation—for example, crossthreading or contamination.
  • Installing fewer components simplifies assembly procedures and cuts down on total installation time.
  • 200A Loadbreak arresters are only rated for 10kA of fault current—anything greater and the arrester will be detached from the mating component. Our 600A Deadbreak design is a bolted connection capable of withstanding fault currents of up to 40kA symmetrical per IEEE 386!

Richards 35kV 600A Arresters have been designed and tested per the following industry
standards and are 100% production-tested as follows:

  • ANSI/IEEE Std 386: For Separable Insulated Connector Systems
  • IEEE Std C62.11: For Metal Oxide Surge Arresters for AC Power Circuits
IEEE 386 – Industry Minimum Requirements
Voltage Ratings
Voltage Class, Phase-to-Phase 35kV
Corona Voltage Level – (partial discharge extinction voltage) 26kV
AC Withstand – (1 minute) 50kV
Impulse-Withstand Voltage – (BIL) 150kV
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