SSC Series – Cold Shrink Splice

The SSC Series from Richards Manufacturing is a cold shrink splicing system for use on medium voltage power cables through 35kV. Equipped with numerous advantages and features, the SSC Series is an innovative, high-performance splicing solution. The Splice is a hybrid design, incorporating the best features of cold shrink and push-on technologies. For example, our Splice provides the benefits of cold shrink—integral jacket seals, range taking capabilities—and yet it also can be furnished with a capacitive test point! Molded entirely from Richards’ cold shrink EPDM materials, the Splice is built for durability in the toughest environments.

IEEE 404 – Industry Minimum Requirements
Voltage Ratings
Voltage Class, Phase-to-Phase 15kV 25kV 35kV
Maximum Operating Voltage – (phase-to-ground) 8.7kV 14.4kV 20.2kV
Corona Voltage Level – (partial discharge extinction voltage) 13kV 22kV 30kV
AC Withstand – (1 minute) 35kV 52kV 69kV
Impulse-Withstand Voltage – (BIL) 110kV 150kV 200kV


Current Ratings
Continuous Current Cable Rated
Short-Time Current*

*   Maximum 40kA for 10 cycles per IEEE Std. 404

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15/25/28kV SSC Series

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15/25/28kV 600/900A Cold Shrink Splice


Product Data Sheets

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