416 NP

The Next Generation Network Protector

Our commitment to manufacturing the most innovative and reliable Network Protectors continues with the 416NP. This rugged unit is not only Deadfront but also a true heavy duty Network Protector. The 416NP, like all Richards designs, is built to last in the toughest environments.

  • Deadfront Draw-Out Design: All of the internal energized components of the 416NP are located behind ¼”-thick transparent polycarbonate barriers. The mechanism of the 416NP makes its connection to the enclosure busbars with ultra-reliable spring-loaded knuckle pressure contacts. This eliminates the need to remove fuses or links when racking out the mechanism for maintenance.
  • Simple and Reliable Motorized Racking System: Our innovative Motorized Racking System allows the mechanism to be completely racked out without ever unbolting the enclosure door! No complicated relearning process required.
  • True Heavy Duty Network Protector: The 416NP is the first and only true heavy duty Network Protector that is also Deadfront. Evolved from our tried-and-true 316NP design–a design that has proven itself in service for decades–the 416NP is built to last in even the most demanding network environments.
  • Extreme Thermal Capacity: The 416NP significantly exceeds IEEE C57 thermal requirements.  The 416NP is designed to carry 2250 Amps continuous current.
  • Easier Test Connections: Test and Phase Socket facilitate test set connections and phasing checks.
Continuous Current
800A – 2250A
Interrupt 30kA AIC
Fault Close 30kA
Voltage* 125/216 or 277/480

*  Special Voltages are available. See ordering information page of 416NP Product Guide for details.

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