Quality Policy and Philosophy

Quality Policy

Richards Manufacturing Company is committed to providing the highest quality products and unmatched customer service for its electric/ gas utility and commercial customers. Richards acknowledges its customers are the key to our success and will make every effort to ensure their satisfaction. Richards will strive for continual improvement and growth through teamwork and creative thinking to achieve these ends.

Richards Manufacturing Company is committed to this quality policy. We will implement and maintain the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and ensure that all applicable elements of the system are complied with.


We operate on the basic principle that constant reinvestment of profit for new equipment and technology will pay dividends for ourselves and for our customers. We are constantly examining new equipment and developments in software technologies to determine how they would benefit our company. These benefits could either expedite production time, thereby increasing capacity, and/or reduce operating costs.

We also believe in continual training of present employees and look to promote from within our current staff to fill newly created or replacement positions.

We encourage employees to suggest alternate ways of performing their job functions that would either make them more productive or make their job tasks easier. This process starts with the pre-production meeting of a project and does not end until the final product is delivered…on time.