CSH Series | Cold Shrink Hammerhead

A proven design. A game-changing transformation.

For over 70 years, Richards has remained dedicated to manufacturing high-quality, innovative products for electrical distribution systems. The Cold Shrink Hammerhead epitomizes this legacy by introducing a truly unique, robust solution for terminating and splicing medium voltage power cable. We’ve taken our industry-leading 600/900A Deadbreak Elbow design and given it a cutting-edge transformation.

  • All-In-One Solution: The CSH is range-taking and includes an integral jacket seal, providing a complete solution in a simple package. Three separate components have been elegantly combined into a single design.
  • 100% EPDM: Richards Cold Shrink Products are molded from 100% EPDM, a proven material in underground electrical applications for decades. This proprietary formulation of Cold Shrink EPDM is produced in-house. To achieve maximum durability in underground environments, the CSH features a fully-integrated, oil-resistant EPDM jacket that provides outstanding mechanical impact/tear resistance.
  • Easy Installation: We’ve optimized our design to minimize installation time, complexity, and overall cost. No more cable adapter and no more separate jacket seal kit. The cold shrink Cable Entrance eliminates problems that arise when sliding traditional interference-fit Deadbreak elbows into position. This ergonomic improvement substantially simplifies positioning/aligning the lug in the CSH housing.
  • Designed, Molded & Tested in the USA: Our team is intimately involved in everything from material development, product and mold design, and production. This allows us to control every aspect of the design, down to the smallest detail.
IEEE 386 – Industry Minimum Requirements
Voltage Ratings
Voltage Class, Phase-to-Phase 15kV 25kV
Maximum Operating Voltage – (phase-to-ground) 8.3kV 15.2kV
Corona Voltage Level – (partial discharge extinction voltage) 11kV 19kV
AC Withstand – (1 minute) 34kV 40kV
Impulse-Withstand Voltage – (BIL) 95kV 125kV


Continuous Current Ratings
Aluminum 600A
Copper 900A


Short-Time Current Ratings
Aluminum 25kA, 10c. and 10kA, 3s.
Copper 40kA, 10c. and 10kA, 3s.
  • Optional Capacitive Test Point
  • Greaseless Core
  • Extremely Durable Semi-Conductive EPDM Jacket
  • Integral Jacket Seal
  • Shrinkable Cable Entrance
  • Range-Taking
  • Fully-Shielded and Submersible
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