About Us

Richards Manufacturing Company is a family owned and operated business that has supplied utilities with product for over 70 years. With humble beginnings as a manufacturer of a single style of underground electrical connector, Richards has evolved to offer a variety of product lines. Our offices and manufacturing facilities are located in Irvington, NJ—approximately 14 miles west of New York City.


The first product sold by Richards—Split Tinned Copper Connectors—is now accompanied by a wide array of items. Our Connector product line is sub-divided into the following categories:
  • Compression Lugs and Splices
  • Split Tinned Connectors
  • Distribution Equipment
  • Underground Equipment
  • Pole Line Hardware
  • Rubber Products

Network Protectors:

Richards is the largest supplier of Network Protectors (and related equipment) in the world. We manufacture several designs of new Network Protectors. In addition, we recondition utility-owned units and provide an impressive array of replacement components.

Medium Voltage:

The Medium Voltage Department designs, tests, and manufacturers Loadbreak and Deadbreak Pre-Molded items for installation on Underground Distribution Systems between 5kV and 35kV. In addition to “standard” products, our selection includes a number of innovative solutions that were designed to solve specific industry issues. Our facility utilizes advanced injection molding processes and a state-of-the-art high voltage test lab to make a product that is both cost-competitive and reliable.

Natural Gas:

Richards Manufacturing Company supplies natural gas utilities with a wide variety of Meter Connections and Accessories, Manifold Assemblies, and Prefabricated Meter Assemblies.

Electronic Technology, Inc. (ETI):

Located next door, ETI is our sister company with extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities. ETI’s products include Microprocessor Network Protector Relays (MNPR®), Microprocessor Capacitor Bank Controls, and power line carrier communication equipment. Currently, more than 20 major utilities depend on ETI’s MNPR® to automate their underground networks. ETI also provides design and installation services for automating entire underground network distribution systems. ETI will create a custom solution for incorporating information from sensors, MNPR® relays, and for providing means of transmitting, reporting, storing and displaying that data for the utility customer. For more detailed information on the products and capabilities of ETI, please visit their website by clicking here.