Underground Equipment

Underground Equipment Series Page
Bare Crab Joints for Joining Bare Neutral Cable FJB 99
Insulated Crab Joints FJI 100
Fusible Crab Joints – Tower Joints TWJ 101
Tower Joint Accessories – Cable End Caps & Shells TWJA 102
High-Temperature Filler Shell TWJA 102
Tower Joint Accessories – Insulating Sleeves & Cap TWJS 103
Insulating Sleeves For Use With “TWJ” Series Fusible Crab Joints TWJS 103
Fusible Crab Joints with Pigtails CJLP 104
Crab Joints with Pigtails SJ 105
Mole Limiter Assembly RMLA 106
Cable-To-Cable Limiter Assembly CCLA 108
Cable-To-Cable Limiters CCL 109
Two-Piece Cable-To-Cable Limiter Insulating Sleeves LS 110
High-Temperature Filler Shell For Cable-To-Cable Limiters ALS 110
Current Limiting Fuses CCLF 111
Current Limiting Fuse Sleeves CCLF-CCR 111
Limiter Lug Assembly CCLA 112
Limiter Lugs CLL 113
Limiter Lug Accessories – Insulating Sleeves & Shells LLS 114
High-Temperature Filler Shells For Limiter Lugs ALLS 114
Current Limiting Lugs CLLF 115
Ring Bus Limiter Lug Assembly CLLA-UBOLT 116
Network Protector Terminals NPT 117
Accessories For Network Protector Terminals 118
Disconnect Network Protector Terminals NPT-DISC 119
Disconnect Legs for Disconnect Network Protector Terminals RDL 120
Network Protector Fuses – Low-Loss “S” Fuse LLF 121
Network Protector Fuses – “Z” Fuse NPF-Q 122
Network Protector Fuses – “Y” Fuse NPF-L 123
Network Protector Fuse with Fuse Cover Assembly FCA 124
Lead Alloy Network Protector Fuses – Laminated Type – Standard Speed Alloy Fuse 125
Lead Alloy Network Protector Fuses – Laminated Type – Time Lag Alloy Fuse 126
Lead Alloy Network Protector Fuses – Non-Laminated Type (Single Layer) NF 127
Copper Link Fuses NWP 128
Copper Braids CB 129
Secondary Spades TRSS 130
Set Screw Connectors SSCRW 131
Joint Casings JC 132
Cable Rack Arms RA 133
Stanchions RA 134
Standard Cable Rack Arms SCRA 135
Pigtail Plug PTP 136
Lifting Hooks RLH 137
Insulated T-Wrench 138
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