Aluminum Bolted Wedge Connectors

The Richards Aluminum Bolted Wedge Connector simplifies connection of a tap to a main overhead conductor. The ABWC Series features an innovative clip design which captures the interface so the tap conductor can be easily inserted without struggle or risk of dropping components.

The ABWC features a shear bolt head which simplifies torque to shear and guarantees the required installation torque has been reached. The shear head is engineered with a rivet to spin freely once sheared without coming free. This eliminates the risk of metal hex head falling down from bucket after shear. A secondary hex head remains after in case assembly needs to be untightened.

Available in multiple sizes — as small as 0.232″-0.328″ (run)/0.162-0.204″ (tap) and as large as 0.973″-1.108″ (run)/0.879″-0.975″ (tap).

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ABWC | Aluminum Bolted Wedge Connector


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Aluminum Bolted Wedge Connector

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ABWC Series | Aluminum Bolted Wedge Connector – Installation Demonstration


The ABWC Series is a range-taking mechanical wedge connector that provides a quick, dependable method for connecting a tap to a main overhead conductor. This video demonstrates a gloved installation of a Richards ABWC. This video is for demonstration purposes […]