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In this video we take a look at how to install JS Series Richards Disconnectable Joints. Our JS series provides a robust, versatile option for splicing underground medium voltage cables. They can be used for straight or multiway splicing and can be disconnected for circuit isolation, grounding, expansion and more. Disconnectable Joints are molded from peroxide-cured EPDM and are fully shielded and submersible.
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Medium Voltage Products

The Richards Disconnectable Joint system is a multi-way medium voltage splicing system available through 35kV. Commonly found in higher load density underground systems, these Joints can be useful even for lighter loads due to their versatility and simplicity. Other methods […]

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15/25/35kV JS Series | Disconnectable Joint Installation Instructions

P625JS & P925JS

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15/25kV 600/900A Disconnectable Joint Sleeve