The NEW Richards High Fault Current Elbow!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Richards would like to share the release of another 600A combination elbow! This elbow is designed for customers who are working with systems that have greater than 10,000A (up to 60,000A) of fault current available. This combination elbow has a metal contact that is back far enough so as to allow an insulating cap to be safely removed to direct test for voltage, even if the elbow is energized. Once it has been confirmed that the system is de-energized, a grounding device can be safely installed. And don’t forget—the HFE eliminates the need for installing a reducing tap interface. Not only does this save you the effort of installing an extra component, but it also eliminates a step in the entire installation process. This saves time, effort and reduces the risk of improper installation! For more information on this product, please use the following link: The NEW Richards Manufacturing High Fault Current Elbow (HFE) And don’t forget that we’re always available to answer all of your questions, so please do call with any and all questions you might have.