Outside Link Box

Outside Link Box

Due to changes in the National Electric Safety Code related to arc flash hazards, utility companies are calculating the available incident energy of Network Protectors. Those calculations are yielding results that require Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is cumbersome to the point of making basic Network Protector inspection/maintenance difficult. Utilities are left wondering what they can do to reduce available arc flash energies to levels that allow for more practical PPE.

The Outside Link Box (OLB) significantly reduces the available incident energy and allows for the complete isolation of the Network Protector from the secondary network. This isolation is achieved while standing at a distance using an insulated T-wrench. Each OFB is molded from fiber glass to provide extreme mechanical strength and robust electrical insulation. With the OFB installed, Network Protector inspection and maintenance can be performed without PPE that is heavy and cumbersome.

The OLB is a major upgrade in safety without a major investment in infrastructure.

For more information, click the resources tab below and download our Outside Link Box Brochure.

  • Rugged, Submersible Design
  • Field-Installable
  • Works with Any Network Protector Design
  • Maximizes Benefit/Cost
  • Reduces (or Removes*) Incident Energy Before Network Protector Door is Opened for Maintenance

*see brochure for more information

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