Apparatus Bushings

600/900A Deadbreak Bushings

Deadbreak Apparatus Bushings provide a means of connecting 600A Deadbreak Elbows and related products to equipment (i.e. transformers and switchgear). These components are welded to the equipment, providing a sealed, insulated connection.

We refuse to cut corners when it comes to manufacturing. IEEE 386 specification requires apparatus bushings to be subjected to two out of three production tests — the mandatory partial discharge test, and either AC withstand or impulse test. Richards performs all three tests on every single product that we produce.

Richards offers 600A Deadbreak Apparatus Bushings in 15/25kV and 35kV voltage classes in a variety of shank lengths. For more information, please download our product data sheets below or see our catalog.

IEEE 386 – Industry Minimum Requirements
Voltage Ratings
Voltage Class, Phase-to-Phase 15kV 25kV 35kV
Maximum Operating Voltage – (phase-to-ground) 8.3kV 15.2kV 21.1kV
Corona Voltage Level – (partial discharge extinction voltage) 11kV 19kV 26kV
AC Withstand – (1 minute) 34kV 40kV 50kV
Impulse-Withstand Voltage – (BIL) 95kV 125kV 150kV


Continuous Current Ratings
Aluminum 600A
Copper 900A


Short-Time Current Ratings
Aluminum 25kA, 10c. and 10kA, 3s.
Copper 40kA, 10c. and 10kA, 3s.
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P625AB & P925AB

Product Data Sheets

15/25kV Deadbreak Apparatus Bushings

P635AB & P935AB

Product Data Sheets

35kV Deadbreak Apparatus Bushings

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