MG Series

The Richards MG Shield Adapter is a quicker, safer, and more reliable metallic shield adapter for use with medium voltage power cable accessories. Other shield adapter methods can establish insufficient electrical contact with cable neutral.

The MG Series is designed to protect workers from cut hazards from traditional braids and constant force springs. The MG Series is compatible with many neutral constructions including flat strap, concentric, longitudinally corrugated, and tape shield neutral  power cable. It is available in three cross sections and with various connectors at the end for connection to system ground/neutral.


The MG Series Shield Adapter is qualified to the following industry standards:

  • IEEE Std 484-2012 Section 7.10.1
  • A fully-qualified all-in-one product solution
  • Quicker to install than traditional shield adapters
  • Integral constant force spring with pull tab reduces chance of installer cutting hand on sharp edges
  • Available with a variety of connections on end for convenience in tying to system neutral/ground
  • Compatible with Richards Cold Shrink products as well as traditional cable accessories
  • Solid tinned connector and heat shrink covering protect against corrosion issues found with exposed braids and other shield adapter methods
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MG Series

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MG Series Shield Adapter