Disconnectable Joints

The Richards Disconnectable Joint system is a multi-way medium voltage splicing system available through 35kV. Commonly found in higher load density underground systems, these Joints can be useful even for lighter loads due to their versatility and simplicity. Other methods involve complicated installations that are extremely difficult in congested underground distribution environments.

The JSCS Series Cold Shrink Sleeve is a major breakthrough in Disconnectable Joint technology. This 3-in-1 range-taking design significantly eases installation and eliminates the need for a Cable Adapter, Jacket Seal, Retaining Ring and Vent Rod. The JSCS Series is molded from Richards’ Cold Shrink EPDM formula which is manufactured by our rubber production division. Equipped with a rugged, oil-resistant EPDM exterior, the Cold Shrink Sleeve is built to last in the toughest environments.

Available in 15/25/28kV and 35kV, the JSCS is 100% compatible with existing Disconnectable Joint interfaces and was designed and validated against the following industry standards:

  • IEEE Std. 386: For Separable Insulated Connector Systems
  • IEEE Std. 404: Extruded and Laminated Dielectric Shielded Cable Joints
  • IEEE Std. 592: For Exposed Semiconducting Shields


IEEE 386 – Minimum Product Ratings
Voltage Ratings
Voltage Class, Phase-to-Phase 15kV 25kV 35kV
Maximum Operating Voltage – (phase-to-ground) 8.3kV 15.2kV 21.1kV
Corona Voltage Level – (partial discharge extinction voltage) 11kV 19kV 26kV
AC Withstand – (1 minute) 34kV 40kV 50kV
Impulse-Withstand Voltage – (BIL) 95kV 125kV 150kV


Continuous Current Ratings
Aluminum 600A
Copper 900A


Short-Time Current Ratings
Aluminum 25kA, 10c. and 10kA, 3s.
Copper 40kA, 10c. and 10kA, 3s.

1. Eliminates Cable Adapter, Retaining Ring, Vent Rod, and Separate Jacket Seal Kit
2. 100% EPDM Composition
3. Mechanically Tough Bonded Jacket
4. Short, Non-Spiral Hold-Out Core
5. Range-Taking
6. Integral Jacket Seal
7. Fully Shielded and Submersible

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